Patient Testimonials

Dr. Nicole Cain Testimonial Integrative Psychiatry

Dr. Cain is a wonderful doctor who genuinely cares for her patients. I have recommended her to many of my friends because I know how much she not only cares about her patients but also how effective her treatments are. I trust her to do a thorough and very detailed intake and exam so that she can best address the patients concerns and treat them. She is an amazing doctor physicians should look to her as an example.”
“After doing extensive research on various Naturopathic physicians around the Phoenix area, I decided on Dr. Cain after personally hearing glowing reviews from some of her patients. I couldn't be more happy with my decision to become her patient. Dr. Cain creates a safe space for me to talk about things that have been plaguing me my entire life. This is such an important quality for a physician to have. It's obvious that she truly cares how I am doing and is doing everything in her power to help me to heal. I was at a place where I thought that I would never get better, but that is no longer the case. My health has improved by leaps and bounds since beginning care with her. The thing I love about her is not only does she address my acute concerns (like if I'm in pain for some reason), but she is always doing something to treat my chronic health and overall well-being. She has even called me personally to follow up on how I'm doing. I can't say enough positive things about this compassionate, brilliant, thorough, open-minded, and dedicated physician. I have learned more things from her than I can count. I recommend her to everyone I know who's looking for a doctor :) She's the best!!!”
“Dr. Cain is knowledgeable and personable. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for high quality care.”
“Dr. Nicole Cain is one of the most brilliant, authentic, and compassionate doctors that I know. She cares for her patients with the utmost respect and love. I have had the pleasure of being her student for the past 2 years and that experience has changed my life. I have seen her patients get better and achieve a level of healing beyond what the conventional world would ever expect. My own mother has achieved profound healing thanks to Dr. Cain. I would recommend everyone see Dr. Cain as a patient!!”
“Dr. Nicole Cain has surpassed my expectations as a Naturopathic Doctor.  Her heart shows when she engages with patients because she truly has the utmost compassion for them.  Her main goal is to help patients get well and she does that exactly!  Dr. Cain is warm, easy to talk to and free of judgment.  I trust my health and the health of the most important people in my life in her hands.”
“Dr. Cain is the model of what a Naturopathic Doctor should be.  Over the course of nearly a year, I'd seen 3 allopathic doctors for treatment of my condition, to no avail.  Dr, Cain was a breath of fresh air.  My intake was thorough and thoughtful.  She identified the source (the initial imbalance) in my immune system, and within 12 weeks, rendered a CURE.  I live in San Diego now, and she was able to refer me another excellent ND here as well.  For professionalism and effectiveness, I happily give her 5 stars.  Thank you, Dr. Cain.  You rock.”
 “Dr. Cain has a wonderful approach with her patients. She listens to your needs and concerns and really cares about you/her patients.  She is so knowledgeable, down to earth, and passionate. I recommend her highly, and have seen wonderful changes since I've started seeing her. I have recommended her to my family and friends.”
“Dr. Cain is an incredibly talented healer, the best I've ever had. She is more than a doctor who gives you 7 minutes, nods, pokes, and writes a script for pills. She is like nothing you have likely seen before in healthcare. She'll completely change your view of what is possible and what WELLNESS can be. 

Dr. Cain has superior listening skills and a magnificent bedside manner. She listens and HEARS you, taking what you say and formulating a plan for healing, all the while including you to make sure it will fit with your lifestyle, monetary limits, and commitment level. She repeats what she hears back to you to make sure she understands what you said and isn't shy asking for clarification. She trusts that you know your own body better than anyone else and consults you as an expert in your own healing, empowering you to make changes and follow your gut. She thinks outside the box, utilizing her counseling skills to treat your WHOLE being. You can't beat her for holistic care. From initial consultation to follow-up, Dr. Cain centers your care around you, the complete patient.

I have a rather complex case involving many injuries, illnesses, chronic genetic disease, occupational toxin exposure, and emotional components, but Dr. Cain was able to cut to the heart of the issues and discover causes I'd never considered, approaching them with a confident multilevel plan. This was done with a very thorough intake, simple exam, and only two targeted lab tests. As a result, I'm fast on a track to a healthier, more fulfilling life. My health has improved, my relationships are stronger, and I'm full of energy and hope. This differs entirely from my previous 31 years of unsuccessful medications, therapies, and useless testing, many of which left me sicker and exasperated with the system. I wish I'd started naturopathic treatment  with Dr. Cain years ago! 

“I recommend Dr. Cain with glowing praise for any acupuncture you may need or desire. Her acupuncture is the sneakiest technique I've ever (barely) felt. On Dr. Cain's table I am able to relax more deeply. Most recently, I saw her for an unusually violent, nauseating migraine. I didn't realize she'd started treatment until I already had half a dozen needles in! A short while later  - to my absolute surprise - the migraine was completely gone. It just evaporated without any lingering side effects, auras, or sensitivity. I actually enjoyed the treatment. This is a level of skill I haven't experienced anywhere else, even with practitioners with decades of experience. I had a year of weekly acupuncture treatments elsewhere from various student practitioners while I was a massage student. I've also experienced dozens of professional acupuncture treatments. None of them were as painless as Dr. Cain's technique. You have to experience it to believe it. She's just that good. 

I, my husband, and my mother are all Dr. Cain's patients now and we're all doing better than ever before. I look forward to appointing Dr. Cain as the primary healthcare provider for our future children. She is trustworthy, intelligent, and intuitive, and her care is effective and efficient! She's an A++ all the way.